How to Obtain A New Jersey Motorcycle Permit

DMV's guidelines to Obtain a New Jersey Motorcycle Permit.

You must be at least 17 years old to apply for a motorcycle permit.

To obtain a motorcycle permit and license:

  • Visit any Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Agency and complete the required application. Present the completed form, your current New Jersey license (if you have one), and proof of identity.

  • Pay a $5 fee to receive an examination permit. Study the Driver Manual, and Motorcycle Manual. These handbooks contain the rules and regulations you need to study for the written knowledge tests.

  • Once you have studied the manuals, present your permit at any Driver Testing Center to take the knowledge and vision tests. The permit is valid for 90 days.

Motorcycle Examination Permit Restrictions

You are free to ride once you have your permit. You must, however, abide by the following restrictions:

  • No riding on state toll roads or limited-access highways

  • No riding from a half-hour after sunset to a half-hour before sunrise

  • No passengers

Motorcycle License Road Test